Soil Health Testing

We currently offer a suite of soil health analyses to support research and education purposes. At this time, we are not accepting individual samples from the general public.

Please see our pricing sheet and sample submission form for more information and email Bethany Herman ( before any samples are submitted.

Package 1. Active Organic Matter Package:

  • Permanganate oxidizable carbon (POXC, Active C)
  • Respiration
  • Soil Protein

Package 2. Active Organic Matter + Nutrient Analysis Package

(Includes Package 1 + pH, Buffer pH, CEC, OM and Mehlich-3 extractable nutrients)                             

Package 3. Complete Soil Health Analysis Package

(Includes Package 2 + Aggregate Stability by Rainfall Simulation)

We also offer Ala Carte analyses:

   Soil Protein                            
   Aggregate Stability via Rainfall Simulation                            
   Aggregate Stability - Wet Sieving (4 size classes)                            
   Organic Matter Characterization by Infrared Spectroscopy                            
   Nutrient Analysis                            
   Total C and N                            
   Nitrate and Ammonium (2M KCl)                            

Active Organic Matter Package