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Meet the Soil Fertility Team!

Steve Culman Lab Manager click to go to profile
Madison Campbell

Mason Gingery

Infrared Spectroscopy Project Lead



Former Lab Members


Jordon Wade, Ph.D. 2019

Thesis: Soil Health and Nutrient Dynamics in Agroecosystems of the Midwestern US

Wade, J., Culman, S.W., Sharma, S., Mann, M. Demyan, S., Mercer, K., Basta, N. 2019. How does phosphorus restriction impact soil health parameters in Midwestern corn-soybean systems? Agronomy Journal.

Wade, J., Culman, S.W., Hurisso, T.T., Miller, R.O., Baker, L., Horwath, W.R. 2018. Sources of Variability that Compromise Mineralizable Carbon as a Soil Health Indicator. Soil Science Society of America Journal 82: 243 - 252.

Noely Gonzalez-Maldonado, M.S. 2019

Thesis: Evaluating the Effects of Long-Term No-Till and Crop Rotations in Soil Health and Corn Productivity

Phoo Pye Zone, MENR 2018 

Thesis: Effect of Soil Test Values and Fertilization on Corn, Soybean and Wheat Tissue Phosphorus and Potassium Concentrations

Jennie Pugliese, M.S. 2017

Pugliese, J.Y., Culman, S.W., and Sprunger, C.D. 2019. Harvesting forage of the perennial grain crop kernza (Thinopyrum intermedium) increases root biomass and soil nitrogen. Plant Soil.

Thesis: Above- and Below-ground Response to Managing Kernza (Thinopyrum intermedium) as a Dual-Use Crop for Forage and Grain


Christine Sprunger - Soil Health and Balancing Project Lead


Vijay Chaganti - Soil Balancing Project Lead

Chaganti, V. N. and Culman, S.W. 2017. Historical perspective of soil balancing theory and identifying knowledge gaps: A review. Crop, Forage & Turfgrass Management 3: 1-7.

Anthony Fulford - Fertilizer Recommendations Project Lead

Fulford, A.M., and Culman, S.W. 2018. Over-Fertilization Does Not Build Soil Test Phosphorus and Potassium in Ohio. Agron. J. 110: 56 - 65. doi:10.2134/agronj2016.12.0701 

Fulford, A.M., Culman, S.W., Mullen R.W., Dygert, C.E., LaBarge, G.A., Lentz, E.M., and Watters, H.D. 2016. Corn and Soybean Response to Phosphorus and Potassium Fertilization in Ohio. Better Crops 100(2): 7 - 9.

Tunsisa Hurisso - Soil Health Project Lead

Hurisso, T.T., Culman, S.W., Zone, P., and Sharma, S. 2018. Absolute Values and Precision of Emergin Soil Health Indicators as Affected by Soil Sieve Size. Communications in Soil Science and Plant Analysis DOI: 10.1080/00103624.2018.1492597

Hurisso, T.T., Moebius-Clune, D.J., Culman, S.W., Moebius-Clune, B.N., Thies, J.E., and Van Es, H.M. 2018. Soil Protein as a Rapid Soil Health Indicator of Potentially Available Organic Nitrogen. Agricultural and Environmental Letters 3: 1-5.

Hurisso, T.T., Culman, S.W., Horwath, W.R., Wade, J., Cass, D., Beniston, J.W., Bowles, T.M., Grandy, A.S., Franzluebbers, A.J., Schipanski, M.E., Lucas, S.T., and Ugarte, C.M. 2016. Comparison of Permanganate-Oxidizable Carbon and Mineralizable Carbon for Assessment of Organic Matter Stabilization and Mineralization. Soil Science Society of America Journal 80: 1352 - 1364. 


Meredith Mann - Research Assistant 

Stuti Sharma - Research Assistant

Clay Dygert - Research Associate

Kenzie Reynen - Research Assistant

Priscilla Nyamai - Research Assistant



Nick LaRue

Ryan Hayes

Grant Ratliff

Cassie Reed

Annamarie Davies

Andrew Herzog

Hannah Johnson


Samantha Wander

College of Wooster

Lexie Popejoy

Brenden Tully

Jodi LIvesay

Other Institutions

Nakian Kim - Rice University

Otto Oppenheimer (University of Puerto Rico)