Fertilizer Recommendations


The Tri-State Fertilizer Recommendations provide an independent source of nutrient management information and have been widely followed in Ohio, but after 20 years a re-examination of these recommendations has been deemed necessary. Water quality issues in Lake Erie and elsewhere have created an increased sense of urgency to manage nutrients more efficiently in the state. The overall goal of the Fertilizer Recommendations Project is to address these agronomic and environmental concerns with a robust and widespread re-evaluation of the Tri-State Fertilizer Recommendations.

The Fertilizer Recommendations Project will use information obtained from on-farm research conducted across a large number of farms in Ohio to update nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and sulfur fertilizer recommendations for corn, soybeans, and wheat. The Fertilizer Recommendations Project aims to understand if the addition of fertilizer results in a grain yield increase and if so, what soil and plant tissue test methods can be used to identify this response to fertilization. Information on grain yield responsiveness to fertilization will be related to soil test levels, plant tissue tests, and environmental variables to ultimately revise fertilizer recommendations for the state of Ohio. By working directly with Ohio’s farmers and establishing public-private collaborations with crop consultants and agronomists, the revised fertilizer recommendations will be the collective work of Ohio’s agricultural stakeholders.



From 2014-2017, we conducted over 250 on-farm fertilizer strip trials to evaluate crop response to fertilizer N, P, K and S. Data from these trials is currently being compiled and new recommendations will be released in the coming months. Although our main push to collect data has ended, farmer interest in on-farm fertilizer strip trials is building and we want to encourage these trials to continue in the future. We will continue to provide guidance on performing successful on-farm fertilizer strip trials and continue to offer support to farmers wanting to participate.

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