Phoo Pye Zone

Phoo Pye Zone
Graduate Student, M.S.
118A Williams Hall
Phoo is originally from Yangon Myanmar. She graduated from the College of Wooster with major in Biology and minor in Environmental Studies. Phoo is currently a M.S student in Steve Culman's soil fertility lab. She is studying the effects of N,P,K fertilization on tissue and grain nutrient concentrations of corn, soybean and wheat of Ohio. Part of her research will be used in updating fertilizer rates recommendation in Ohio. She is hoping her work will help Ohio farmers manage their fields more efficiently. She has a keen interest in soil fertility, nutrient management, microbial ecology, international agriculture, precision agriculture and remote sensing.  If she is not too busy with her research, Phoo spends her free time taking and editing photos or managing a non-profit advocacy group for the blind in Myanmar, that she and two other friends founded a little over a year ago. If you want to check our Phoo’s photography, click here