Noely Gonzalez-Maldonado

Noely Gonzalez-Maldonado
Graduate Student, M.S.
118A Williams Hall
Additional Information: 

Noely is originally from Lares, Puerto Rico. She majored in Agronomy and obtained her B.S. in Agricultural Science from the University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez.  Noely is a Master's (M.S) student in the Culman Lab. She studies the effects of long-term no-till and crop rotations on soil health and crop temporal dynamics and productivity. Her research takes place in the Triplett and Van Doren Long-term Tillage research plots at Wooster and the Northwest Research Station in Ohio. Noely's research interests are soil health/quality, soil fertility, carbon and nitrogen dynamics, tropical soils management and agriculture, soil microbial ecology, food security, and soil science education and outreach. In her free time, Noely enjoys gardening, playing music, and having some delicious puertorican coffee with friends.