Cooperator Information and Updates

This page is for cooperators participating in our soil fertility and nutrient management study. Directly below you will find links for all the materials that have been provided to you as part of this study as well as videos demonstrating the protocols. After the materials and videos, you will find posts updating our progress on the study. 

Cooperator Materials

Protocols and Handouts

Soil Sampling

Petiole Nitrate Sampling

Whole Leaf Sampling

Hop Cone Harvest Sampling

How-to Videos

Step 1: Assembling your Horiba nitrate meter

Step 2: Collecting your petiole samples

Step 3: Calibrating your Horiba nitrate meter

Step 4: Using the Horiba nitrate meter to test hop petioles

Whole Leaf Sample Submissions to Spectrum

We're very much hoping that everyone read through the adjusted protocols sent in the latest package and that you collected extra samples to submit to Spectrum for analysis. If you didn't, or you haven't been able to sample yet, please remember that you CANNOT send samples to Spectrum over the weekend. Hold off on sampling until Monday. After this, one last petiole nitrate sampling at the end of the month (to be done as normal) and then we're good until harvest. 

Again, we cannot express enough how grateful we are to all of you for contributing your time to this research. As always, please contact us with any questions you have. 


The Soil Fertiltiy Team

General Hop Study Update

June 27, 2019

Hi everyone! We hope you are all doing well and have tried at least one round of petiole nitrate testing. We are fast approaching our target date for round two and wanted to share with you some common concerns we are hearing via email. We know the weather has not been cooperative (to say the least). Many of you are experiencing the same weather extremes but we strongly encourage everyone to stay with the study. It will provide us great information about how to deal with the "not so good years". In regard to petiole nitrate testing, please remember to process the petioles immediately after collection. This DOES make a difference! Also, if you're having trouble squeezing sap out of the petioles, try cutting them into smaller pieces. More exposed surface area may allow for more sap to come through. We know it's difficult and this will be one of the considerations when we finalize our reports at the end of the season. I'm right there with you collecting and processing from our hop yard here in Wooster. Just don't give up! Even if you only get one reading, it's better than nothing. We'll take it!

As an FYI, we will be getting materials ready very soon to send to you for collection of whole leaf samples. These will be used to compare against the petiole tests and are also very important to the study so please read all materials carefully before beginning. Again, we thank you for your help in this study and look forward to better weather!


The Soil Fertility Team

Packages have been mailed! 

April 26, 2019

Packages are going outWe are excited to say that we met our goal of getting all of our packages mailed out by the end of the week! Hop farmers, please watch for the arrival of these packages next week. Large boxes are coming to those who requested a soil probe, large envelopes to those who did not. Given how far we are into spring, please aim to get those soils sampled within the next few weeks. 

Next steps include sampling soil, completing the site management survey, and returning the soil and survey to us. Returned packages are being mailed to us via Bethany Herman, who is our lab manager and organizes all lab sample processing. 

If you have any questions, please still contact Nicole. Thanks again for your patience. We are happy to finally have this project going!


The Soil Fertility Team