Product Evaluations

Our lab offers third party evaluations of proprietary soil amendments and foliar applications aimed at improving the mineral nutrition and productivity of crops. We began evaluating products in 2015 with the goal of providing timely and valuable information on efficacy for farmers. Products to be tested target enhancing soil biological and/or chemical function. Products are most often tested on corn and soybean, applied as either a soil amendment or as a foliar application. 

Soil Amendment and Foliar Application Performance Trials

These trials included the following products:

FINAL REPORTS: 2015 report2016 report


NZone Max was tested over three years


The Andersons 

We tested the following products: 

  • K-Mate
  • Trainer
  • Innova
  • Hydrahume

Final reports for these trials are in preparation.


We tested the following products:

Final reports for these trials are in preparation.

Additional Information

Iowa State runs a webpage that provides information on non-traditional materials marketed for use in crop production.

Iowa State Product Evaluations Webpage