Soil Fertility Team


Steve Culman

Affiliated Faculty

Curriculum Vitae
Steve's Google Scholar Profile and ResearchGate Profile

Steve is a soil scientist and agronomist. He has a diversity of interests in soil health, soil fertility and nutrient management, perennial grain cropping systems and agroecology.







Leonardo Deiss

Visiting Assistant Professor

Leo's Google Scholar Profile

Leo works with ecology, agriculture, and soil science. He is a trained soil scientist and agronomist whose scientific interests are in understanding how soils function in a variety of ecological conditions to support management solutions and promote sustainable development goals. His research broadly explores how designing and managing agricultural systems affect soil processes, and how these interactions translate into key agroecological functions and provision of services, such as soil health, nutrient cycling, resource use efficiency, and soil organic carbon accrual and persistence.











Current Members




Mason Gingery, Research Assistant

Mason helps with all things in the lab and the field. He processes samples, runs analysis, and calulates data. He also collects and records samples and data from the field. He has taken interest in setting up protocols and equipment for the two aggregate stability analyses in the lab; the soil dunker and the rainfall simulator.


Ben Robinson, Field Manager



Former Lab Members

Graduate Students

Brehm Pugliese Zone Gonzalez
Theresa Brehm
M.S. 2022
Jennie Pugliese,
M.S. 2017
Phoo Pye Zone,
M.S. 2018
Noely Gonzalez-Maldonado,
M.S. 2019
Wade Fleuridor    
Jordon Wade,
Ph.D. 2019
Louceline Fleuridor
Ph.D. 2022

Postdoctoral Researchers

Fulford Chaganti Hurisso Sprunger
Anthony Fulford
Extension Advisor,
University of California
Vijay Chaganti
PostDoc Researcher,
Texas A&M
Tunsisa Hurriso
Assistant Professor,
Lincoln University
Christine Sprunger
Assistant Professor,
The Ohio State University
Will Osterholz
Research Scientist,

Research Staff

Herman Gutierrez Manriquez Hoekstra Mann
Bethany Fortune
Lab Manager
Camila Gutierrez Manriquez
Research Scholar
Nicole Hoekstra
Research Associate
Meredith Mann
Research Assistant
Sharma Saeed Reynen Nyamai
Stuti Sharma
Research Assistant 

Muhammad Tariq Saeed
Visiting Scholar

Kenzie Reynen
Research Assistant
Priscilla Nyamai
Research Associate
Clay Dygert
Research Associate

Summer Interns

Faheem Ali (Case Western University),  Aista Sall (University of South Florida), Nakian Kim (Rice University), Otto Oppenheimer Lugo (University of Puerto Rico), Andrew Herzog (Ohio State), Samantha Wander (Ohio State), Noely Gonzalez-Maldonado (University of Puerto Rico), Madison Campbell (Ohio State).

Undergraduate Student Assistants

Grace Chapman, Caroline Bensman, Brady Linker, Cassian Filbrun, Nick LaRue, Ryan Hayes, Grant Ratliff, Cassie Reed, Annamarie Davies, Hannah Johnson, Lexie Popejoy, Brenden Tully, Jodi Livesay, Kristina Workinger.