Welcome to the Soil Fertility Lab! Our work focuses on determining crop nutrient needs, developing farmer-friendly soil health tests, and understanding how long-term management strategies can build organic matter and soil productivity. We routinely partner with farmers, crop consultants, and educators on a wide variety of soil fertility, soil health and soil management issues.


  1. New eField Study Report Available

    Feb 24, 2021

    New eFields study shows soil health values across Ohio farms and how management impacts soil health. Read full report here.

  2. Updated Tri-State Fertilizer Recommendations Now Available

    Dec 9, 2020

    Updated Tri-State Fertilizer Recommendations Now Available
    Steve Culman, Anthony Fulford, James Camberato, Kurt Steinke, Laura Lindsey, Greg LaBarge, Harold Watters, Ed Lentz, Ryan Haden, Eric Richer, Bethany Herman, Nicole Hoekstra, Peter Thomison, Rich Minyo, Anne Dorrance, Jeff Rutan, Darryl Warncke, Cassandra Brown

  3. How do we collectively conceptualize “soil health” and how do we use that to guide meaningful research and extension?

    Dec 9, 2020

    How do you define "soil health"? How does that compare to others definitions? Former Culman lab PhD student and postdoc, Dr. Jordon Wade, and fellow OSU colleges sent out a survey to ask farmers and other researchers a few key questions: